Agro Horticulture Consultancy

Bothra Nursery is offering agricultural consultants services such as agriculture finance consultancy services, agricultural consultancy services, agro consultants, consultancy about poly houses, farm management, farmhouse development and drip irrigation systems.

We ensure holistic growth of the Horticulture sector. We render quality Horticulture Consultancy Services to our clients. We serve a wide range of businesses in the Horticultural sector. Our products and services help the customers to meet the exacting standards demanded by the marketplace. We have a team of professionals who recognizes that agronomy decisions have a significant impact on farm profitability. However agronomy cannot operate in isolation of wider farm management objectives. Hence, we provide an integrated approach towards crop management, providing the cultivators with a comprehensive choice of Services, from crop inputs to environmental counseling. Further, new manure management systems can cut fertilizer costs and help the client in keeping pace with the latest technology. We helped clients sort various kinds of questions related to Horticulture. We render Horticulture Consultancy Services the help of most advanced technologies and procedures, at the minimal service charges.