Greenhouse & Nethouse for commercial cultivation


Growing plants is both an art and a science. About 95% of plants, either food crops or cash crops are grown in open field. Since time immemorial, man has learnt how to grow plants under natural environmental conditions. In some of the temperate regions where the climatic conditions are extremely adverse and no crops can be grown, man has developed methods of growing some high value crop continuously by providing protection from the excessive cold, which is called as Greenhouse Technology. So, Greenhouse Technology is the technique of providing favorable environment condition to the plants. It is rather used to protect the plants from the adverse climatic conditions such as wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects and diseases. It is also of vital importance to create an ideal micro climate around the plants. This is possible by erecting a greenhouse / glass house, where the environmental conditions are so modified that one can grow any plant in any place at any time by providing suitable environmental conditions with minimum labour.

Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent or translucent material large enough to grow crops under partial or fully controlled environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity.


Net House

Ideal for

  • Producing nurseries for vegetables, fruits and flowering/ foliage plants
  • Plantation nurseries
  • Forest Nursery
  • Off season vegetable production
  • Hardening of Tissue Cultured Plantlets

Bothra Nursery specially designed Net houses protect plants from excess sunlight and provide the required quantity of sunlight to stimulate the optimum plant growth. Crops in net house are also protected against damage from birds, insects etc.

Shade nets are available in different shade percentage and range of colors like Green, Red, White & Black adjusting to different crops and a diversity of conditions.

We have great of experience in providing customized solutions for Net house (also known as Shade House/Screen House/ secondary hardening Chamber) in different areas depending on its applications.


  1. Bothra Net houses are covered with appropriate mesh made up of nylon and other materials as per the requirement.
  2. The structure is made of G.I. pipes, designed to sustain maximum Indian wind load conditions.
  3. Available in different shade percentage.
  4. Range of colors like Green, Red, White & Blue.